Ep. 8 ~ A Perfect ((Unum)): The Still Missing ((Logos Code))

The common root of Opinion-ism, Ideologizing, Tribalism and Culture War runs deep in our cultural DNA. A 2500+ year mental processing Pandemic in our Human Family traces to our collective dominant mental processing which remains alienated from our grounding ((Logos Law)).
Unless and until we as a People "zoom out" sufficiently to become Aware of our colonized mental processing and get in real touch with our Foundational ((Logos Source)) we will continue to remain /colonized people/ lodged in fragmentation and ideology wars.  Our USA pop culture is dysfunctional and our very survival is at stake.  We conclude this Episode on a note of ((high hopes)) and optimism since we are ((LogoSapiens)) and we have this Cultural ((DNA)) within us.
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