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Ep. 8 ~ A Perfect ((Unum)): The Still Missing ((Logos Code))

The common root of Opinion-ism, Ideologizing, Tribalism and Culture War runs deep in our cultural DNA. A 2500+ year mental processing Pandemic in our Human Family tr...

Bonus Episode ~ ((Vote Up)): Take Back ((America)) 2

What is the ((vote)) really. Is it simply the "freedom" to wield your will on your terms no matter what? Or is it something more ((Sacred))?

Bonus Episode ~ ((Vote Up)): Take Back ((America)) 1

We are voting all the time. With every thought. But for most of us, it's just on autopilot. Making every decision we THINK we are making... well... not really a choice...

Ep. 7 ~ /Opinion/-Nation: The Chronic Roots of Tribalism and Cultism

What makes "ideology" and "Ideologizing" Humanly and Rationally pernicious? Why are "Ideologizing", "Opinionism", "Cultism" and "Tribalism" co-rooted in the same deep...

Ep. 6 ~ The /Mono-Archy/

Step 1: Kick out the external Monarchy... Step 2: Face the real cause of despotism... The /Mono-Archy/.

Ep. 5 ~ ((Rational Intelligence)) and ((Lensitivity))

When ((Reason)) is taken for granted... one defaults to opinion. When one is unaware that they have a Lens... Opinions are taken as reality... And this S*** show is...

Ep. 4 ~ ((E Furious Unum)): Welcome to the ((Golden Rage))

If you're not ((Furious))... Then you're not ((Paying attention))! ((We The People)) isn't all fluff n' stuff! It's ((Kick Ass))!

Ep. 2 ~ ((The Promised Land)) ~ Pt. 2

The second episode in the Welcome Trilogy, we go deeper on our way to understanding ((Freedom)). We ARE the ((Holy Experiment)) Unfolding.

Ep. 1 ~ ((The Promised Land)) ~ Pt. 1

The first of three welcome episodes to this ongoing ((Journey)) into the ((Deep Science)) of ((Freedom)) and ((Unity)) for any and all ((People)). Welcome to ((The Pr...

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